The Matese Hotel, today Penza Hotel started welcoming its guests at the end of the 19th century, in 1876. It prides itself  with sharing its birthdate with Jack London's, the Corriere Della Sera and the first telephone patent by Alexander G. Bell, all undisputed players for literature, journalism and science of all time Since then, paying respects to the distinguished year, we are committed to performing our centenary hospitality culture at its best. In the hopes that whoever has slept under our roof even for just one night treasure the memory of a pleasant stay anywhere they go."It was Crescenzo Penza" recall his grandsons, "who started the business in the old garrison guestrooms in Piazza Roma" Rapidly, Crescenzo became very well known as the owner of the only hotel and restaurant with electricity. He was gratified receiving 1st class rating for customer services. For a fixed dinner and a one-night stay the the guest paid 20 lire, price imposed by the Fascist Party. Today, continuaing on the road undertalen more than 100 years ago, there are his grandsons Amedeo, Alessandro and Marco Pignoli. We take pride in telling that once the family hotel was frequented essentially by prominent citizens and officials. Even because", the grandsons point out, "life was essentially in the upper part of Piazza Roma, where the namesake cafe was the only point of reference. Tea or coffee was served in porcelain cups, all later requisitioned by the Americans who occupied the hotel before the advance towards Cassino". Today's specialty are the sorbets that were once served to King Vittorio Emanuele III.

Umberto II  last King d' Italia

Umberto II ultimo re d'italia